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7 Absolutely Crucial Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart

Life is something that you can hardly predict. It has a terrible way of creeping up on you and biting you in the ass. We have all had our life fall apart from time to time so I found these …

Great Confidence tip #1

Enter every room as if Crazy in Love is playing and you’re Beyonce.

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Unbelievable That You May Have Missed This

If you get a second today make someones day by saying thank you to them. As you say it smile a huge smile and watch their face light up. It really works and will make you feel great I promise. This …

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3 Fantastic Techniques for Sharpening Your Critical Thinking Skills

Dont even think about starting your next project without these 3 brilliant Critical Thinking skills strategies. They will have you thinking totally different from the norm and your will fly through the project. 1. Empower yourself by analysing challenging issues. Critical …

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5 Simple Steps To Be Charismatic

One of the most important things you can learn in life is to be Charismatic. And believe me it is a learnt behaviour not a completely natural one. There are some things that come naturally to some people and they …

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7 Habits You Must Have To Be Confident

If there is something that we all want is is to be self assured and confident without appearing arrogant. This hort article hit a note with me and I though it good enough to pass on to help others to …

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